Body-Centered Internal Processing™

Psychophysical healing and spiritual exploration – Self-talk inner-work: A new form of Yoga to access your Native Wisdom

Body Centered Internal Processing™ (Self-talk Inner-work) is an experiential awareness healing process that goes beyond traditional problem-oriented talk therapy and mental insight. Analysis and reflection do not by themselves solve life, psychological and emotional problems, produce change, or bring happiness—which is what most people are seeking. The BCIP approach facilitates a new experience of personal consciousness and helps you discover and establish a healthy relationship to the Self, body and mind, to open up to new possibilities. By assuming the prior unity of body and mind, you can alter your state of consciousness to access information and parts of your inner-being, distinguish them from the authentic Self, and facilitate transformation by harmonizing your internal world and synchronizing your body and mind.

The BCIP approach helps you find internal self-divisions and tensions, which can undermine your ability to function at your best and feel your native state of happiness. Once you discover the internal self-division and polarities, you can make the changes needed to harmonize them. This naturally promotes physical and emotional healing and overall well-being. This work is not a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis, which is not part of this healing and educational process.

My approach draws on key Western systems and ancient Eastern awareness and meditative practices. It includes observation of present-time experience, internal dialogue, and working directly and creatively with the mind, images and the body. By utilizing your natural awareness, everyday consciousness can be naturally altered to facilitate access to your inner dimension and parts of your psyche and personality that can divide you against your authentic Self. These inner divisions and polarities show up in bodily symptoms, imbalances and life struggles. While you may not be able to change what life has given you, you can change your response to what happens.

Relational, physical, emotional or mental life problems require an ability to see and make appropriate life-enhancing choices. That ability gives you greater freedom. While your higher self tends toward what is best for you, most people live as a “double-mind,” which perpetuates inner self-division. People are often dominated by patterns that cause them to ignore the “messages” of their body and external world. As a result, they become unable to see how they participate in the creation of problems; behavior and beliefs perpetuate them. Even when they do see that changes are needed, they are sometimes unable to make them.

Through Body Centered Internal Processing™, you can learn to read the signs and messages in your life and reconcile conflicting parts of yourself to live more fully present to your authentic Self. As a result, transformation and life changes become easier, and it becomes possible to feel the native bodily happiness that exists when you live from a unified being—whole. When combined with other health modalities, this process becomes a powerful approach to transformation, health and life.

“Without Keyvan’s help I might be dead by now. When I met him, I was leading an unhealthy lifestyle, with emotionally and psychological challenges, and an unhealthy diet. He helped me transforms my negative habits and my emotional life and in the process discover my core issues related to body, mind and self. He is a knowledgeable, spiritual-oriented, effective, compassionate, and no-nonsense practitioner and mentor.”
~ Domenic Falcone, Astrologer, Acupuncturist 

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