Body-Centered Internal Processing™

Psycho-physical healing and spiritual exploration: “Inner-Work” — a new form of active inquiry to access your Native Wisdom Way

Body Centered Internal Processing™ (BCIP) is a sophisticated form of “inner-work” that synthesizes of key modern Western therapeutic approaches, systems science, neuroscience, indigenous healing traditions, and Eastern energetic, and awareness practices, marking a significant advancement in psycho-physical healing methods. 

BCIP is an experiential awareness practice that includes the entire body-mind complex and is grounded in and guided by an always-present undivided unity, the Self, accessible to all. The process teaches you how to access and work with an inner intelligence—your “native wisdom”—that we are all born with. However, this natural ability to access this inner intelligence can be severely diminished or lost. This innate intelligence is the key to understanding oneself, healing mental and emotional suffering, and guiding decision-making. While you may not be able to change what life has given you, you can transform your relationship to your body-mind, your inner world, and your responses to life and its challenges.    

Unlike cognitive and traditional talk therapy, BCIP does not solely rely on mental analysis which excludes the body, nor does it rely on behavioral modification which excludes a deeper understanding of the mind and self. These therapies are often insufficient to relieve psychological and emotional suffering and may not foster lasting transformation. The BCIP approach facilitates a novel experience of embodiment and new states of consciousness. You will learn how to relate to your intra-psychic system, and establish a healthier dynamic relationship with your body-mind, and your external relationships. The process transforms the body’s stress-chemistry and balances the nervous system, both of which are key to returning the body-mind to equanimity. You will experience a greater sense of inner space and freedom! 

Altering your normal state of consciousness makes is possible to access non-conscious levels of the mind, revealing crucial information and distinct “parts” of your personality. This process enables you to distinguish these parts from your core and authentic Self. This process works by deepening your present-time experience, engaging in internal dialogue and working creatively with images, mental content, and your body. By using your natural awareness, you’ll be able to explore deeper dimensions of your psyche, anciently called the “soul,” connect with parts of your personality that are usually disconnected resulting in the loss of contact with the body and Self-presence. 

The internal conflicts and divisions, are the “double-mind”, manifesting as emotional and mental conflicts and the division of body and mind. They inevitably cause mental suffering, a weak sense of self, an unsettled sense of being, and a wide array of common physical symptoms and life challenges. Such divisions undermine your ability to maintain a balanced state of being and self-care. Factors such as early childhood development, trauma, external life circumstances, and misalignments between body and mind contribute to our mental and physical health challenges. They impair your functional capacity, relationships, and your innate capacity for happiness. The BCIP approach facilitates transformation by harmonizing your inner world and synchronizing your body and mind into a dynamic balance. 

Life’s relational, physical, emotional, and mental challenges require an ability to understand, see, and make appropriate life-enhancing choices. This ability enhances both problem-solving skills and increases personal freedom. While your higher self naturally inclines toward what is best for you, most people live as a “double-mind” that perpetuates an inner self-division and a loss of contact with their authentic selves. They dominated by patterns that cause them to ignore the signals of their body and external world, failing to recognize how they contribute to their own suffering and the creation of their own problems and circumstances. This cycle of behavior and conditioned beliefs continue to perpetuate these issues. Even when need for change is acknowledged, making those changes can be challenging, sometimes seeming impossible. Accessing your internal intelligence— your “native wisdom”—can guide you to making changes that harmonize your inner and outer worlds, promotes physical and emotional health and enhancing overall well-being.

Through Body Centered Internal Processing™ (BCIP), you can learn to understand the signs and signals in your life, reconciling conflicting parts of yourself to live more fully in “present-time” contact with your authentic Self. As a result, transformation and life changes become easier, enabling you to experience the innate happiness that comes from living as a unified, whole being. When appropriately integrated with other health and healing methods I offer, this process becomes a powerful transformative approach to enhancing both your health and overall quality of life. While you may not be able to change what life has given you, you can transform your relationship with your inner world and your response to life and its challenges.

This work is not intended to replace medical or psychological diagnosis, it is a complementary healing and educational process.

“Without Keyvan’s help I might be dead by now. When I met him, I was leading an unhealthy lifestyle, with emotionally and psychological challenges, and an unhealthy diet. He helped me transforms my negative habits and my emotional life and in the process discover my core issues related to body, mind and self. He is a knowledgeable, spiritual-oriented, effective, compassionate, and no-nonsense practitioner and mentor.”
~ Domenic Falcone, Astrologer, Acupuncturist 

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