Unlock the self-healing powers of your body and mind through a naturalistic approach.

New World Medicine is a holistic, integrative health practice. This human and ecocentric system is informed by decades of gained experience, in-depth knowledge and care — guiding Keyvan Golestaneh’s Total Systems approach to whole-body health and healing.

Meet Keyvan

As a integrative healer, scholar, educator and writer, Keyvan Golestaneh uses ancient healing practices, modern modalities, backed by modern science in a practice focused on your whole-body health. Caring for the full spectrum of your health—body, mind, soul and spirit.

Experience Whole-Body Happiness and Healing

New World Medicine empowers you to navigate your ongoing health and life journey. Giving you the tools and knowledge to care for yourself and actualize your full health and human potential.


Tap into online courses and articles on diet, exercise, yoga, whole-being health and more. Gain evidence-based knowledge and weed through the mass of confusing information in the world to take control naturally of your health.

Significant Health Advances

“I had what is called Metabolic syndrome…I have lost 40 pounds… My cholesterol is 183…My blood pressure is consistently below 115/75. My fasting blood sugar has moved to normal or the low 100s…I am certain I could not have made these significant health advances without Keyvan’s guidance, knowledge, advice, and support.”

R. Guarino

College Professor and former Administrator

Keyvan’s Technical Proficiency Was Proven

“Keyvan was able to make an immediate house call, and worked on my back, for several hours. To my amazement, after his treatment, I was able to stand up. The treatment was basically done, and healing occurred over the next several days. It was not long before I was back to normal. Keyvan’s technical proficiency was proven in spades. And I was very grateful.”

S. Brown

Actor, Businessman

Vast Range of Skills

“I’m continually amazed by his vast range of skills and am forever grateful that I found him. When you come Keyvan with any type of physical or emotional challenge, he will help you to feel better quickly and to get to the root of the problem so that you can heal on a physical and emotional level and wind up healthier and stronger than you’ve been before.”


Extremely Knowledgeable

“Finally I felt I was working with someone who was extremely knowledgeable and insightful and very understanding and compassionate, too…I can’t thank Keyvan enough for his help and guidance and I highly recommend him.”


Half Moon Bay, CA