Unlock the self-healing powers of your body and mind through a naturalistic approach.

New World Medicine is a holistic, integrative health practice. This human-centric system is informed by decades of gained experience, in-depth knowledge and care — guiding Keyvan’s approach to whole-body
health and healing.

Meet Keyvan

As a healer, scholar, educator and writer, Keyvan Golestaneh uses ancient healing practices, modern modalities, backed by modern science in a practice focused on your whole-body health. Caring for the full spectrum of your health—body, mind, soul and spirit.

Experience Whole-Body Happiness and Healing

New World Medicine empowers you to navigate your ongoing health and life journey. Giving you the tools and knowledge to care for yourself and actualize your full health and human potential.


Tap into online courses and articles on diet, exercise, yoga, whole-being health and more. Gain the evidence-based knowledge and weed through the mass of confusing information in the world to take control naturally of your health.