Mental Health

Yoga Myths and Facts

As Yoga’s popularity rapidly expands, it’s more important than ever to separate the facts from myths, so it’s real benefits are not obscured by misinformation. The myriad styles of yoga that have become popular are based on classical and hatha yoga. Although meditation and lifestyle are also part of yoga, mainstream yoga emphasizes physical and …

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Critic of the Contemporary

Beyond East and West Changing your perspective on health, social and personal transformation Something is desperately wrong. People in Western countries spend billions dollars on healthcare, therapy and drugs. France and the U.S. have the highest rate of antidepressant consumption. They spend even more on entertainment. The principle option in life seems to now be …

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Living Healthy — Interview with Keyvan Golestaneh

CHI: What is holistic natural medicine? Is it able to replace “conventional” medicine? Is it enough for our needs? Golestaneh: Natural medicine has a very long history; it isn’t new. There are some forms, such as Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, which go back approximately 5,000 years, and in Western naturopathic tradition going, which go back about 150 …

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