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Personalized Diet

Diet and Nutritional Education

Health starts in the digestive system

Maintaining a proper diet is the best, most practical way to restore and promote health. A personal diet plan is a method I use to guide people to healing and maximum health. There are many diet available and some are confusing and even contradictory. Although no one diet fits everyone, following certain essential principles can help promote wellness, clarity of thought and emotional balance – while preventing disease and premature aging.

My approach tailors a diet to your individual health needs.

The Optimal Diet 

Follow the path to better health and improved performance of BODY and MIND.

This is not just a diet, it’s an EVOLVED YOU.

The CHI plan is a plant-based diet that combines raw and cooked foods designed to optimize your health. You can increase your energy, lower your stress levels, recover faster from exercise, prevent illness and more by adjusting your diet and nutritional intake. And because everyone is unique, you’ll get PERSONAL EXPERT GUIDANCE to help you tailor the plan to your body-type needs and health condition.

Your journey begins with an easy to follow plan. Learn to prepare nutritious meals from recipes that are carefully designed by a healthcare, medicine and nutritional expert. Our holistic cross-cultural approach to your health combines the wisdom of Eastern health and medical traditions with the scientific rigor of Western medicine. The result is a 10-week online journey through text and video lessons that will get you started on the path toward a better you.