IFS Corner

This page is about the development of Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS)
and its relationship to other psychological models, therapies, and spiritual traditions.

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a form of therapy developed by Richard Schwartz, Ph.D. I first encountered IFS in 1993, attending a workshop given by Dr. Schwartz. I immediately resonated with it because I had been intuitively engaging a similar form of introspective work using “internal dialogue”. I participated in the inaugural, first training group led by Schwartz in 1994 and have since extensively used it in my professional practice. I’ve observed it grow as a therapeutic model and approach over the last three decades.

I researched its lineage and relationship to other psychological models, therapies, healing practices, and spiritual traditions, including anthropological research and participant-observation. Drawing on this extensive research and my practical professional experience, I have further clarified and refined the model into what I call Body-Centered Internal Processing—the Native Wisdom Way, aiming to integrate it into a new global paradigm. This is integral to a “Total Systems approach”. This new paradigm transcends the traditional divisions between East and West, as well as between traditional and modern therapeutic and conventional medical systems. The results of this work are documented in “Wild-Analysis: A New Syncretic Practice“.