Ecology of Being, Self and Natural Medicine

Intelligence, Understanding Disharmony and Restoring a New Dynamic Balance – the Natural Way of Well-Being 

Human beings are part of a greater life process that I call a life-stream. Life flows between order and randomness, and, through it all, distinguishable patterns appear. Life or living systems are homeodynamics. Symptoms,  and life problems are a direct expression of patterns of disharmony. When old patterns and adaptations are no longer working, a new balance—integrated harmony—needs to emerge. In my paradigm, health is defined as a dynamic and functional integration of internal bodily and mental parts, which allow a flexible response to life when working harmoniously. Learning to distinguish and understand patterns of disharmony gives us the ability to transform imbalances, realign and re-harmonize the system, and discover our unique path in life.

A mind balanced and integrated with the body results in a healthy self, a balanced nervous system, and unobstructed life-force (vital energy) conducted through the body-mind. Healing occurs and health is naturally restored when the body-mind is able to restore homeostasis (dynamic equilibrium) and homeothesis (flowing balance). A sense of whole-body well-being is a natural state of health and happiness. This is the premise upon which I base my philosophy and approach to healing, health, medicine and life.

Steps in the Healing Process to Empowerment

I start from the perspective of wholeness, focus on wellness and well-being, and rely on the power of a living system’s inherent intelligence—this frames my orientation and practice. I include the full spectrum of human experience, life and health issues. I help clients discover the patterns of emerging disharmony, as well as the physical, psychological, social and spiritual connections between illness and lifestyle. This does not entail a biomedical diagnosis of disease. Instead, I guide my clients to an understanding of how these connections and patterns in the body-mind and in life can be transformed, harmonized and aligned with purpose and meaning.

Each step in the healing process is based on moving closer in alignment to natural constitutional and somatic energetic patterns, and, therefore, to one’s authentic self. Part of that process may involve finding the appropriate supportive lifestyle. Since illness and patterns of disharmony manifest uniquely in each individual, and individuals have different soma-types (constitutions), any health regime must be individualized. My mission is to empower my clients to navigate the inevitable changes in life and to live from a creative life-positive position. With this practical knowledge clients learn to take care of the body and self in ways that are empowering.

A Systemic-holistic Approach: Natural Medicine

Inherent in every living organism is the ability to self-correct, to heal, regenerate and rejuvenate. This capacity is an innate form of systemic intelligence without a centralized director. When we understand how this process functions and are able to facilitate it, healing becomes a natural process of meaningful transformation and growth.

On the physical level, poor health (which can lead to disease) is a disturbance of the symbiotic relationships among the hierarchically organized parts of the body— cells, organs, larger systems. The mind is also a system, which is not reducible to the brain nor is it independent of the body or separate from self, its environment and culture. The term “body-mind” describes this inclusive system.

One of the key functions of the mind is to organize inner and outer experience—the body’s relationship to the world. The mind possesses its own internal organization—traditionally known as the psyche—and a personality or “social mind” (a multiplicity of interactive parts). Although inseparable from the body, the mind can become unbalanced, fragmented and disassociated. The mind is not transparent to itself. It is internally divided and has an unconscious dimension, which acts automatically. Because of this, not all symptoms are reducible to the brain and physiology. Some symptoms are attempts of the personality and its parts to deal creatively with personal and life problems. Cultivating body and self-awareness are key parts to the healing process and well-being.

To function well as a system, the body-mind (physiologically and mentally) must take in necessary nutrition, process it through absorption and assimilation, and eliminate the byproducts (waste) of that process. Any obstruction or disruption in this cycle will eventually disrupt the whole system. These processes usually happen unconsciously, without our control, but we can become sensitive to how they uniquely work for each of us.

If the process is obstructed, toxicity develops and spreads to different parts of the body, triggering defensive reactions in the immune system, obstructions in vital energy (qi) and life movement, and imbalances in the five elements. Inflammation is one of the key signs. Imbalances can start either at the emotional and energetic (etheric) level or the physical level. Both cause stress in the system and can eventually result in a lack of harmony within and between the physical and energetic body. I help clients to reset bodily functions in order to harmonize internal parts and choose appropriate adjustments in life style. The closer one is aligned with the natural pattern of movements in the body-mind, the more balanced, healthier and happier one becomes.

My Approach to Health and Healing

Deep healing is a discovery and integrative process. My approach to healing and health synthesizes key elements from a broad cross-cultural spectrum of traditions—making it truly a global medicine. It’s unified and integral and incorporates Asian medical traditions, body-centered therapy, dietary education, Structural Body Therapy, yoga and awareness practices, like meditation and qi gong. I work with the whole person. I incorporate the necessary practices from each of these modalities and integrate them, depending on individual needs and goals, into a larger health practice framework.

I provide a safe environment where we work cooperatively and creatively together to find the appropriate path to health at whatever level the client chooses to focus. I honor where each client is at the moment and respect all cultural backgrounds and faiths. My naturalistic approach is non-invasive and non-chemical, and it is designed to facilitate a natural process of healing, transformation and growth. Whether one needs healing, mentoring, life guidance, or simply a deepening of self-awareness and enhanced well-being, I can help.