The New World Medicine approach is holistic natural health care that goes beyond the conventional disease paradigm to heal the body, mind and spirit so you can experience Whole Body Happiness. What does this mean exactly? It is a focus on the whole person, not just symptoms and ailmentsThis truly global approach synthesizes key elements from a broad cross-cultural spectrum of traditions and modalities. Integrating many disciplines and modalities into an integrated approach, including:

  • Asian medical systems
  • Body-centered therapy
  • Dietary education
  • Structural-dynamic Body Therapy
  • Awareness practices, and meditation
  • Yoga and Qi gong.

The guiding principle is we are self-regulating beings with the inherent capacity to transform and heal. By unlocking the body-mind’s self-healing capability, resetting bodily functions, and realigning the body and mind, we become unburdened, and health and wellbeing are restored naturally. 

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A Full Spectrum of Clients and Benefits

From chronic illnesses to short-term ailments and life issues, the practice is dedicated to caring for a full spectrum of human health conditions. No matter where you land on this spectrum, the goal is to help actualize your health and human potential.The first step towards healing begins by listening to you and reading the signs of your body. This integrative process uses an individualized naturalistic approach centered on finding the root cause of your health condition. Most importantly, this approach is dedicated to working with people at their current health level, accommodating all needs and ability levels. Above all, providing a safe environment to work together cooperatively and creatively to find the appropriate path to health at whatever level you choose to focus. Depending on the path of treatment or modalities use, you may receive either in-person services, virtual options, and referrals to local professionals with specific expertise when needed. Reach out to set up an initial consultation.